Quick Tips

Small pieces of advice to make you a better lawyer.

Leave better voicemails!

Too many voicemails do a poor job of conveying the most important information: a call-back number. Leaving a better voicemail means you are more likely to have your call returned. Or at least, getting off on the right foot! Don’t leave your phone number only once at the end of a long message. Leave it once at the beginning and then twice at the end. This gives the listener enough time to write it down!

How to pronounce and use the word “demurrer.” Stop messing this up!

I keep hearing lawyers mispronounce the word “demurrer.” Some even write “demure” instead of “demur” or “demurer” instead of “demurrer.”

A “demurrer” is a type of objection. It is pronounced /dəˈmərər/. You can “demur” /dəˈmər/ to a pleading.

On the other hand, “demure” is pronounced /dəˈmyo͝or/ and means to be reserved or shy. “Demurer” is not a word (one cannot be more demurer than someone else). Please stop getting it wrong!